Level Up Your Instagram Stories with Branded GIFs


You make sure each Instagram story that you do has a cute GIF to go with it, but did you know that you can create your own branded Instagram Story GIF’s?

It’s fast to get started – here’s how!

First things first you want to set up a Giphy account at https://giphy.com/join after creating your account it takes about 24 hours to be verified.

Next order of business –  you can create a GIF on Giphy or you can upload your own design. If you make your own design using Photoshop, just be sure to check off these settings:

• Must be a GIF file type
• Be sure that the background option “none” is selected
• Size is around 500-600px
• RGB color mode
• Set to loop forever

Lastly! You can add tags to your gif so they can be easily found on Instagram stories.

Have fun!




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