We Came, We Saw, We Got Peed On

Our Volunteer Days at the Harris County Animal Shelter

It’s no secret that we’re all animal lovers over here, so when we were picking a place to volunteer for the quarter it was easy to all agree on Harris County Animal Shelter and get some of these puppies adopted!

We picked Harris County Animal Shelter because they have a policy to take in any dog or cat no matter their current capacity – this means they often have more animals than they have room for.
Later we learned that HCAS has a 99% adoption rate, and do absolutely everything they can (including relocating the animal to a different state) to adopt out before having to put an animal down.

Getting signed up to volunteer was very easy, Jessica helped us organize the volunteer dates and we were excited to get started.
Our job was easy…take pictures of doggos so their cuteness could be seen on the Harris County website and they could find a forever home faster!

Total Count-
Volunteers: ~6
Photos taken: 531
Dogs played with:78
Cats cuddled with:26
People who got peed on: 1
People who stepped in poop: 2
People who got scratched: 1


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