Does Instagram know you better than you know yourself?

If you’re someone who aimlessly scrolls through Instagram on the regular, then you’ve for sure seen some semi-relevant ads pop up on your feed. And it’s no big secret that Instagram targets ads towards your specific interests and likings. But just last week, Twitter users blew up over a seemingly new-found “hidden” Instagram feature that allows for its users to view what the app thinks ones advertisement preferences are. The ability to see your Instagram ad interests is not a new feature within the app, but only recently took off as a sort-of social media “game” after a journalist pointed it out on Twitter. And while some of the interests on the list may be understandable, users can be guaranteed to expect a few wildcard interests on their list. Want to see for yourself what Instagram thinks you’re into? Here’s how.

We also included each of our team members individual lists just for shits-and-giggles.

How to Access Instagram Ad Interests

First, open up the Instagram app on your device and head over to your profile. Once you’re there, tap the menu button in the upper righthand corner of your screen, and scroll down until you see “Settings.” Click on the “Security” tab. Under “Access Data,” scroll to the very bottom. Here you will see the headline “Ads” and a small tab reading “Ad Interests.” Click “View All” to see your personalized list.


  • superhero fiction (accurate)
  • Pythonidae (random)
  • classic cars (accurate)


  • Kenyan Hip-Hop (random)
  • World Star Hip-Hop (accurate)
  • Bandcamp (accurate)


  • Hip-Hop dance (accurate)
  • Electronic music (accurate)
  • Rich Froning Jr. (random)


  • Rugby Union (random)
  • List of Dog Sports (random)
  • Milk (random)


  • Dog Lovers (accurate)
  • Nasal septum (random)
  • Kawhi Leonard (zero idea who this is)

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